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Counting on a high-quality product line, our aim is to provide supplements free from antibiotics or other drugs, even if allowed by law. Nutrivet Animal Nutrition and Veterinary focuses on research, newly demonstrated technology and continuous innovation of our products. Besides, Nutrivet Animal Nutrition and Veterinary removes from poultry nutrition all possible wastes that may cause a cumulative effect. As a result, healthier animals and safer products are provided to the end consumer.


Nutrivet Animal Nutrition and Veterinary offers - besides products and innovative solutions - technical and nutritional support to our clients. Throughout precise technical analysis, we develop a balanced nutrition, entirely directed to the birds’ protein and energetic needs. We rely on a technical staff formed by nutritionists, veterinarians and zootechnicians, offering total security when it comes to animal feed formulations and chickens’ health, which ensures maximum flock performance.


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