Controle e Segurança

Nutrivet uses renowned laboratories to assure nutritional levels of feed formulated with our products, in addition to controlling and keeping the integrity of every nutritional supplement we provide.

Moreover, when our clients use Nutrivet products, they can rely on precise analyses of feed components like corn, soy and other ingredients. That is to say, our clients can feel safe and enjoy Nutrivet quality.


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Fone: (81) 3271-7095 / 99601-4101

Nutrivet – Nutrition and Veterinary also provides you with specialized and customized technical support.

Technical Visits

If you request a technical visit, our experts will assess the situation and offer the best solutions for your animals.

Based on a thorough analysis, skilled professionals in veterinary, zootechny and nutrition will help you implement the best nutritional solutions for your animals.

Regular Assessments

Nutrivet – Nutrition and Veterinary constantly keeps in touch with our clients to collect data, analyze results and prevent problems that may arise in the field of poultry production.

Every Nutrivet client has our technical department at their disposal for advice, assessment or to discuss any issues relating to performance, difficulties and solutions.