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Tricinophós is a 100% organic product, produced with exclusive technology Nutrivet, through the combination of phosphoric acid and fatty acid.

The complete phosphorus demand is supplied with 1 kg of Tricinophós per ton of feed, eliminating all the phosphoric sources of animal and mineral origin, such as meat-and-bone meal, poultry offal meal (POM), dicalcium phosphate and others. 

Tricinophós is not double phytase or an overdose of phytase!



- The only product indicated from the chicks’ first day of life until their disposal;

- It is also the only product indicated for broiler chicken flocks in all phases of rearing;

- Total safety of the formulations, without variations in phosphorus levels;

- Better phosphorus absorption, without energy consumption;

- Reduction in the use of contaminant raw material, decreasing the risk of bacterial infections;

- Smaller area occupied in animal feed factories;

- Improvement in eggshell quality, through the best Ca/P relation;

- Expires in one year.

Source of 100% Metabolic Phosphorus

For egg-laying industrial use, quails and light and heavy matrices in all phases of rearing and production.

For broiler chicken flocks from all phases of rearing until the slaughter.

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